COVID-19 Response

As an approved essential service provider under the BC Public Health Officer's guidelines, we are continuing operations and taking extra steps to ensure our customers' — and our, protection, during this peculiar time. We will be implementing: 

  • glove and mask use
  • social distancing
  • touchless payment options
  • virucidal cleaning products

Please watch this video from our parent company (Only-Way Cleaning Services) to learn more...

Based in Pitt Meadows!

We are Pitt Meadows Carpet Cleaning, and we're based right here in your community. Servicing Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam and beyond, we'd love to be your trusted choice in carpet, tile, upholstery, and vehicle cleaning.
A Family-Run Business

We are a family run business, helmed by husband and wife team, Peter and Bev MacGregor. Together with our two sons, we operate two trucks. We are owned and operated by our parent company, Only-Way Cleaning Services. Founded in 1981, we have nearly 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry, and almost a century in combined experience between the four of us!

Experts at the Ready

With two fully-equipped truck-mounded machines, and several portable machines to boot, we operate with the industry-standard equipment and cleaning solutions to tackle any cleaning job, be it residential or commercial. Unlike our big chain competitors, we're family operated, meaning you deal with the same friendly faces every time we're in your home or office.

Let's Talk Carpets...

How are your home or office's carpets doing these days?

Carpets are giant filters. They collect EVERYTHING. They also take a lot of wear and tear. For these reasons, regular maintenance is key. Having your carpets cleaned once or twice a year can extend their life, keep them looking their best, and ensure health and sanitation, removing contaminants like allergens, skin-shed, dander, mites, and more! Carpet cleaning is an investment in your home or office's wellbeing — and by extension, yours as well.


How We Clean

We use industry-leading steam-cleaning techniques, otherwise known as hot water extraction. Using specialized tools, we inject 250ºC+ water into your carpet's fibres, fully flushing and disinfecting, and then extract the moisture with strong suction back to our trucks' onboard tanks. Your carpets are left rejuvenated and will be dry within 3-5 hours, sometimes less when we deploy our rapid-dryers as we clean. To complete the service, we groom carpets with higher pile removing our tools' V-patterns and footprints, making it look like we were never even there.

How You Can Prepare for Cleaning

Many of our customers ask how they can help prepare their home or office for our arrival. We always appreciate the following:

  • clear your driveway or a parking space so we can park as close as possible to the point of entry
  • vacuum your carpet if there is excessive hair or larger debris lying about
  • move any small furnishings like lamps, nightstands, end-tables, coffee tables, etcetera so we can clean as much floorspace as unencumbered as possible
  • set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature; cool air dries faster than warm air and avoids humidity during the drying process
  • have your outside tap accessible and turned on so we can connect our truck to water

What Else Do We Clean?

Carpet cleaning is just the beginning. We also clean tile and grout, upholstery, and vehicles! From kitchen floors to shower basins, from sofas to office chairs, from car seating to RV carpeting, we can clean it all. With a wide variety of specialized tools and cleaning techniques at our disposal, we are prepared to handle all of your residential and commercial cleaning needs. Have something specific you need cleaned, ask us about it — it may be one of our specialities. 


Cost Effective, But Premium

Our pricing structure is based on decades of experience in residential and commercial cleaning. We don't do coupons, but we also don't up-sell on the job site. Our objective is to inhabit the balance between affordable and value-added. We want to build a customer relationship that lasts for years to come so you never have to look for another cleaning service again. Below are some of our most popular cleaning services...
House/Townhouse Package

Includes living room, dining room, 3 bedrooms, 1 hallway, and 1 flight of stairs. Wall-to-wall cleaning and all cleaning products included, as well as the moving of smaller furniture. 

$285 – $320
Condo/Apartment Package

Includes living room, dining room, 1 or 2 bedrooms, and 1 hallway. Wall-to-wall cleaning and all cleaning products included, as well as the moving of smaller furniture.

$180 – $225
Tile Cleaning

Includes our three-stage cleaning process: chemical soak, vapour steaming, hot water extraction. Wall-to-wall cleaning and all cleaning products included. Subject to $150 minimum service call.

$1.00 – $1.30 sq/ft
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Includes wall-to-wall cleaning and all cleaning products — including heavy degreasers, as well as the moving of smaller furniture. Free in-person estimates available prior to booking. Subject to $150 minimum service call. 

$0.30 sq/foot

A Record You Can Trust

You can read our reviews over on our parent company's website by clicking the button below. Feel free to leave a review yourself if we've recently performed cleaning services for you! We love to hear what our customers have to say.


We operate two fully-equipped trucks filled with industry leading equipment and machinery, like the ProChem Legend – the #1 steam cleaning machine in North America.


We've cleaned tens of thousand of homes and thousands of businesses. We've truly seen it all. We can tackle anything.


With 4 technicians, we keep it all in the family: husband, wife, and two sons. You'll get a combo of 2 of us at every job site, ready to deliver on our exceptional customer service.


We work Monday to Sunday, nearly 52 weeks per year. We can meet virtually any scheduling requirements you may have.

Let's Get Booking!

Ready to lock an appointment in – or maybe you have some questions still. Use the form here to inquire further. We'll be happy to answer any concerns or curiosities you may have.

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We accept all major forms of payment: debit, credit, cheque, e-transfer, and cash. Please note, we do not accept cheques from customers moving out of their homes. Our trucks are equipped with TD Canada Trust PIN-pad devices for secured debit and credit transactions. All cleaning services are subject to 5% GST.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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